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New Cel Scans - Sewer, Bunny Tripping, and Original Aluminum Press Plate!

Because the Facebook Fans of Art of Akira came through and recruited 30 new members in a day, I owe them 30 new scans of cels and backgrounds! But I'm going to go one further - I'm going to upload at least one new scan a day for the next 3 months! That's 90 new scans.

To start, here's a few new additions to my collection. First, the monster bunny that Kiyoko becomes to fight Tetsuo, tripping over the blanket with toys and junk strewn all over the floor (full key setup + douga):

Next, the rebels (including Kaneda and Kay) sneaking through the sewers during the infiltration of the government building (full key setup):

And lastly, one of my absolute favorite pieces: an original aluminum press plate used in the printing of the original Akira series! It's from volume 5, pages 140 and 149! Look in your Dark Horse collections (or original japanese collections) to see them! The Dark Horse collections are page-for-page recreations of the original Japanese collections, so you'll find it there. If you have the Marvel / Epic editions, look in issue 26, pages 22 and 33 (there's no page numbers -- count from the first illustrated page

You can see these and all the other pieces at the Flickr stream for Art of Akira!




At February 19, 2013 at 9:17 PM , Blogger Mischna Ong said...

Having that kind of flood might cause a big inconvenience for the plumber. Don't they have a little side story to that?

-Mischna Ong


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