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I Am Such A Moron (Art of Akira at DragonCon)

I have been running around like a chicken with his head cut off trying to finalize everything for DragonCon this weekend. In case you've been actively ignoring me, I'll summarize: The Art of Akira Exhibit is a pretty big deal there this year, and we're doing quite a lot with the con.

To help people keep track of all that's going on, I had some "infocards" printed up -- 2,000 of them -- to hand out and pass around the con. The point was to create a high quality keepsake that people could take with them from the con to remember the exhibit, which served a dual purpose of informing everyone about the events I'm involved in.

Here's the art:



Here's the card:

Here's the problem: I got the time on the Sunday panel, Is Digital Killing Analog Art, wrong. It's actually 11:30 AM Sunday morning. 

So my options are to a) reprint and lose a BUNCH of money, due to sunk costs plus overnight shipping on the new cards, b) write all over this keepsake in sharpie informing about the misprint, or c) just suck it up and deal with it. 

I guess the bright side is that, if this is the worst thing that goes wrong all weekend, I'll have one hell of a great weekend. But the dark side is that it could end up being a sign of things to come.

At any rate, hope to see you at Con. 




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