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Holy. Crap.

That's all I can really say at this point. Well, that and the rest of this blog post. But I figured I'd start with that because it's what I said when I got the email inviting me to come to Pixar tomorrow morning (Friday) at 11:30 to talk about Art of Akira to the animators.

This is a huge milestone for me, because these guys are exactly the type of people I was hoping would be interested in the Art of Akira Exhibit -- industry pros who want to see the behind-the-scenes aspects of what made Akira tick. From what I understand, there will be people in attendance tomorrow who have never done handmade animation - they've used a computer their entire careers. It's for them that I put this thing together in the first place.

I feel it's incredibly vital that we as a society hold on to our ability to make things with our hands. I use a computer daily; I love my computer. It speeds things up tremendously and gives me a quality of output I can't achieve with handwritten or hand designed things. But the physical has something very magical about it... Especially when it's something as astonishing and groundbreaking as Akira.

That said, for the very first time since I started talking about Akira, I'm nervous. As I tweeted earlier today, I feel like me picking out things that the pros at Pixar would want to see is like a guy who plays Golden Tee all day at a bar telling Tiger Woods what clubs to use at Augusta. But I'm going to do my best to get stuff that isn't just "OH COOL THE BIKE!" or "NEAT EXPLOSION BRO!" I'm going to pick things that really show the heart behind the art - the sketches, the layouts, the painted backgrounds. I'm bringing two sets that have never ever seen the light of day just for the Pixar guys.

Wish me luck.

I'll try to Ustream the talk - no guarantees, but if it happens, it'll be on the Art of Akira blog.




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