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Excellent Opening Weekend!

Just a quick post to say how fantastic opening weekend for Art of Akira Exhibit was! Here's the note from Joe Wos, director of ToonSeum:

Can a little bitty museum be an actual attraction?

The ToonSeum opened it’s newest exhibit “The Art of AKIRA” this past weekend. Visitors traveled in from around the country just for the opening of the show!

Toronto, San Francisco, New York, Columbus, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Dayton, Connecticut and lots more.

A quick search on the web will show the buzz building for this exhibit and tweets and blog post like “anyone want to come with me to Pittsburgh to see the Art of AKIRA?”

The exhibit was picked up by, AOL News, Time Out New York, and tons of animation, technology and geek blogs. Not to mention local press including the Trib and City Paper.

The ToonSeum has already been featured nationally in the New York Times, Airtran Magazine, and West Wood One Radio to name a few.

It’s all about a fan based culture that surrounds the cartoon arts. AKIRA is a great example of the type of fan base who appreciate the art and drive buzz. It’s a secret San Diego Comic-Con, George Lucas, and Hollywood have known about for years, fan based culture can drive success!

We even got an email from someone in Spain who is flying in for the exhibit next month! He said it best when we told him we were a very small venue, “I’m not coming to see a big building, I am coming to see the art.”

So can a tiny museum dedicated to the cartoon arts be a draw?

You bet we can.


Photos and a full writeup, including media links, coming tomorrow. For now, I need some sleep!




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